The red carpet is aglow with dazzling lights. Limos pull up to velvet ropes. Polite servants open doors and keep paparazzi back as the graceful elites of the world descend. Flashes of light from cameras as they ascend to the party inside! Beautiful women glide by on the arms of well dressed men. A podium is set up for the few and elite to accept their just rewards. Maddening nerves from those who might be chosen causes a few hearts to miss the tempo of the music. They dance. They pray. They sweat.

Only one man has a steady heart in this crowd.

Only one man feels confidence. Power. Magnetism as he joins the others.

Every eye is on him as he climbs the steps to the podium, and takes his reward. Hands clap for him as he descends once more.

This is the power of 4EV3R. The resplendent wood and leather scents of Tuscan sweep boost the confidence of those who dare to wear it. The intoxicating visions created by Deal charm and allure with sophisticated quality. You’ll never feel alone when you have the excitement of these deep and earthy tones carrying you forward.

Others in the crowd study him as he passes by. They wonder how he came to have such poise. They may never know the secrets this man will keep safe in his heart 4EV3R.

Gain an edge you never knew you had. Obtain new, great heights. Seek, explore, and grow with the power of 4EV3R. Created by master perfumers, these powerful fragrances are made to capture the vital essence of your personality. Gain a sophisticated edge with the exciting and high-end scents created by 4EV3R. Hear the applause of that special night every time you spray a little Deal or Tuscan and begin your new, exciting day.

Create an alluring scent that turns the head of those around you with the unique, unisex fragrances designed by 4 EV3R.

These powerful scents conjure up the smell of confidence, poise, and grace with their carefully selected arrangement of natural ingredients.

Engage the minds of everyone who passes you with a daring mixture of scents designed to tell a sensual and evocative story unique to you. You’ll dazzle everyone you speak with through a signature scent from one of our lines.

Enthrall those you care about with the classic wood and leather aroma of our Tuscan line, or dare to charm with the sophisticated honey patchouli scent our Deal fragrance has to offer. Switch them up, or make one your go-to.

Your scent tells others a story about how you feel about yourself. Make it a vivid one with the tantalizing edges provided by the intoxicating blends we devote ourselves to creating.

Whether you want a dark and moody smell that some find irresistible, or a sophisticated note that speaks of exquisite refinement, you’ll be able to find it within one of our powerful collections.

Indulge yourself with a unique scent, and change the hearts of those around you 4 EV3R. You never know what excitement a new scent can add to your life, so take a chance and give yourself the adventure of a fragrance that dares to reveal the inner workings of your heart.


Capture the beauty of a Tuscan sunset with the delicious scent of classic wood and leather. Engage your senses with an exquisite and refined scent perfect for both men and women. Hypnotize those around you with the awe-inspiring notes from this beautiful blend designed to entice and enthrall. Tuscan engages the mind and provides a mysterious and captivating scent those around you will love.

Your scent is how you choose to express yourself to the world. Make it a story of confidence, prowess, and raw beauty with the spicy and daring notes from this unisex Parfum. You’ll stay in the memory of those you meet long after you apply this signature Parfum with its long lasting scent that is never overpowering.

Dare to inspire with this sophisticated mixture of natural scents, perfect for everyday use or for special occasions. Think 4 EV3R when you choose this alluring new fragrance, and bring a little bit of Tuscan romance into your life.


Change the pace of your day with an exhilarating scent that rejuvenates and inspires. Deal by 4EV3R is an evocative scent made from the charismatic scents of honey patchouli. Enjoy the dark, earthy overtones of this surprisingly powerful selection with a sensual note that will turn heads as you walk by. Enjoy the magnetism provided by this scent long after you apply it with its long-lasting power always ready to make an impact.

Capture the smell of success with this evocative and engaging fragrance that envelops you with the soft overtones of life and tugs at the hearts of those who see you. Inspire yourself to greater heights with this lustrous and evocative scent. Make a deal with yourself, and give yourself a refined and modern scent that will capture the sensual beauty of honey patchouli.

Make a change in your life, and make that change 4EV3R with their latest scent, Deal.

We’re all about transforming the fragrances!

We believe in creating scents that captivate and inspire, while at the same time making them affordable enough for everyday use. Our scientists immerse themselves in the world of fragrance, searching out some of the most exquisite scents from around the world in order to make a combination that satisfies the inner desires of our customers.

4 EV3R is a bespoke perfumery company which specializes in creating unisex luxury fragrances using natural ingredients that stand the test of time.

We believe that your fragrance tells a story about you, that other people experience every time they pass you on the street. We endeavor to ensure that every time you choose a 4 EV3R scent, that story reflects the true essence of your personality.

Our passion is in fragrance, and we have dedicated our lives in making sure that your needs, wants, and desires are reflected within every spray of our signature products. We focus on four major family fragrances in order to derive our popular scents. These signature scents include:

* Floral

* Chypre

* Oriental

* Fougère

These beautiful notes are our current focus, but we plan to reach out and touch a variety of other exciting scents in the future.

Through the power of our fragrances, we have been able to meet amazing people throughout the world, and learn about their lives and their needs. We have discovered that there are a variety of good people out there who need a little help to be successful, and we aim to sponsor charities in the countries we operate in, to extend a helping hand to these people.